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Review by Vishal Shinde

Gayatri Foods is the best!!! I love many Desi Ghee food items like Desi Ghee Methi Ladoo, Gond Ladoo, Panch-Dhannya Ladoo, Dry Fruit Ladoo etc. All items are fresh and tasty! Would never stop eating these fresh, tasty and hygienic HOME MADE sweets and snaks. Sweets for family and friends! Sweets for every festival and season!

Review by Jayshree Girish Patil

Gayatri Foods serves wonderful nutritional additions to a busy day at school. Iā€™m a high school teacher and often looking for delicious, healthy snacks with the right types of nutrients. which I finally got in the form of breakfast mix (Dry fruits+healthy seeds) and other such healthiest snacks and desi ghee ladoos !ā€ā€“ I just wanted to say a big thank you to Gayatri Foods!

Review by Aparna Jadhav

Best quality and great service and amazing food is why I just love Gayatri Foods Sweets & Snacks. I'm especially fond of their healthy Snacks, Anarsa sweet and desi ghee Ladoos, no explanation to it. It's simply awesome; the taste that completely reminds you of being at a right place for test and health both & price completely justified!!!